Uganda Visa


Thinking of visiting Uganda soon? Do you have a visa? In order to get into the soils of Uganda for a safari, you need a Uganda visa which today you can obtain up on arrival or from the country of origin at Uganda embassy/Uganda diplomatic mission apart from those from exempted states. Getting a visa is something of great significance when planning a trip to any destination and if you do not have one higher chances are that you may not be allowed to get there. The process involved in obtaining these travel documents usually takes you through some interview on some other issues. Make sure that you read through the information given to you so as not to miss out other things to avoid disorganizing your travel plan at end of it all.

How to get Uganda visa

On 1st June 2016, Uganda began issuing electronic visas also known as e-visas. Therefore those with such visas must travel with a printed e-visa confirmation. You can obtain a visa on arrival and the main entry point to Uganda is Entebbe International Airport or any of its border stations. This is also possible for tourists on safari to Uganda and you need about $50 and you will fill the application form with passport dates and information. The fee for Uganda fee is $50 and your visa will be valid for about three months’ time. You can obtain one online through Six months is given for multiple entry visas but proof will be needed that you traveled to Uganda for about 5 months within the period of 1 year. For others, it doesn’t matter whether 6 months or more but you have to have proof.

You can also obtain a Uganda visa online if you are a citizen in any of these countries-United Kingdom, France, China, Canada, Belgium, Russia, Japan, South Africa, Italy, India, Germany, Denmark, United States of America and others. Please download the application form from the embassy website of your home country where you have to attach two passport photos.

Cost of Uganda visa

Uganda visas come in different categories-the single entry three months visa costs $100, multiple entry 6 months $200 and Transit visa $100.

Visa requirements

You can obtain Uganda visa through the embassy and take their advice as this will guide you before you embark on actual trip. A single entry to Uganda is issued upon arrival and mainly visitor pass is given for visitors on business trip or holiday. The multiple entry visas as well can be given for business purposes.  The East African tourist visa can also be obtained on arrival and works for Uganda, Kenya and Rwanda and this goes at $100. Note, entry and transit is denied to nationals of Somalia with no biometric passport.

Obtaining a Uganda visa may require you to have a valid passport of nationality or origin issued by their government; get the International Inoculation Certificate against yellow fever, you may also need return ticket that you may be required to present though common. Those from countries below may not need a visa-Eritrea, Comoros, Swaziland, Seychelles, Rwanda, Madagascar, Malawi, Kenya, Zambia, Tanzania, Mauritius, Solomon Island, Cyprus, Bahamas, Antigua, Gambia, Lesotho, Jamaica and others.

Most importantly, Uganda is yet to issue e-passports just like her counterparts-Burundi, Kenya. The move is in line with transition to e-passport which the 6 East African member states have to adopt as the traditional passports books are due to be phased out by January 15th 2021. The electronic passports have embedded electronic microprocessor with the biometric data of the e-passport holder. Incredibly, the national identification registration authority (NIRA) has already harvested the biometric date to a central database. For anyone intending to process the e-passport will not need to bother taking the whole process he or she went at a time of getting a national identity card.