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Its undeniable that wildebeest migration is one of the world’s remarkable experiences. The activity involves great movements of wildebeest from one place to another in different months of the year. Wildebeest are seen moving from place to place accompanied by numerous zebras, impalas, elands and gazelles among other animals. The major reason for movement is search for fresh pastures and water. This migration has made Serengeti National park one of the mosted our destinations in Tanzania and Africa as a whole. Wildebeest migration also depends on the rain fall patterns but its all year round. Migration of Wildebeest by Months January and February During this season, wildebeests are roaming in the short plains of southern Serengeti park an Ndutu. Most calves are born this season. March, April & May Here wildebeests from southern Serengeti park to central Serengeti and Seronera. June Wildebeests move from Central Serengeti to the western corridor in Grumeti. July, August, September, October &early November Wildebeests move towards the northern corridor to Kogatende and Lamai regions. Late November & December Wildebeests move towards southern Serengeti in Serenora and Ndutu plains. The movement of wildebeest is circular and keeps rotating all year round.

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