Congo Safaris; Gorilla Tacking, Nyiragongo Volcano Hiking &Easten Lowland Gorilla Tours

Join lifetime Congo gorillas and wildlife experiences with Engagi Safaris. Our congo tours take you deep into the jungles of Virunga National park for mountain gorilla trekking. Virunga is home to 8 gorilla families habituated for trekking at as low as $450 per gorilla permit. We further take you to visit and track eastern lowland gorillas in Kahuzi Biega national park giving you chance to meet and interact with the largest gorilla specie in the jungle. Do not miss Nyiragongo volcano hiking whose summit hosts the world’s largest lava lake. Nyiragongo is an active volcano which last erupted in 2002 and is expected to erupt again  any time.

Congo Tours

Book a 3 Days Congo Nyiragongo hiking tour with Engagi Safaris. We guide you to the top of Nyiragongo one of the few active volcanoes in the world. Peep into the largest lava lake at the summit of Nyiragongo with bubbling fumes and embrace the beauties nature has blessed Congo with. Detailed Itinerary

The 3 Days Congo gorilla tour takes you to Virunga national park in Congo’s portion of the Virunga Massif. Visit one of the eight gorilla families in Congo, meet face to face with the silver back gorilla, enjoy the company of playful juveniles with Engagi Safaris. A single gorilla permit in Congo costs &450 which make it the best gorilla tour destination for budget travelers  Detailed Itinerary

Visit and track eastern lowland gorillas in Kahuzi Biega National park with Engagi Safaris. The 4 Days Congo Lowland gorilla tour is a chance to meet and interact with the biggest gorilla specie in the wilderness.  Detailed Itinerary