Uganda National parks

Uganda the pearl of Africa is blessed with 10 national parks which shelter diverse wildlife and birds. These parks are located in different corners of the country to offer you memorable experiences in any corner of the country you go to. the beauty of these national parks is one reason why Church Hill named this country the Pearl Of Africa. Interestingly, each of these national park s has different features in terms of attractions and activities. It’s therefore advisable to visit all national parks on a combined Uganda safari tp experience the beauty in each park. National parks in Uganda include:
  • Murchison falls National park
  • Queen Elizabeth National park
  • Bwindi Forest national park
  • Kidepo Valley National park
  • Lake Mburo National park
  • Kibale Forest National park
  • Mgahinga Gorilla National park
  • Mount Elgon National park
  • Mt Rwenzori National park
  • Semuliki Valley National Park