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Lion Tracking

Done in the kasenyi plains of Queen Elizabeth National park, Lion tracking is one of the thought after safari activities on Uganda safaris to Queen Elizabeth National park. Lion tracking is a unique kind of experience, which entails travelers driving off tracks to find the kings of the jungle. It’s a new tourism experience that was recently introduced by Uganda Wildlife Authority to diversify tourism product in Queen Elizabeth National Park and the Pearl of Africa as a whole. Travelers along with lion trackers and researchers set off very early to catch up with these predators hunting and feasting on their preys.

The experience is also called Lion research experience and is mostly done by travelers on research for basic knowledge about lions in the park, how they live together, how they feed and what makes them unique features worth visiting.
Lion tracking gives trackers a close encounter with lions in the wilderness and is only done in Kasenyi sector north of Queen Elizabeth National park. Just like in gorilla trekking, radio callers track the whereabouts of lions early in the morning and them inform travelers on which direction to take saving them time and energy.

How does it operate?

Lion tracking is operated by the Uganda Carnivore project together with Uganda Wildlife Authority. The project does an extensive survey about lions in the park and their ways of living together with other predators. This enables them to revise strategies to conserve these wild beasts for sustainable tourism and future generation. The major aim for this project is to educate local communities adjacent to Queen Elizabeth national park on how peacefully they can live with these carnivores with no harm on both sides. The experience gives travelers a chance to track, monitor and research about the kings of the jungle, which experience they cannot forget.

How much does it cost?

Each participant in lion tracking pays $50 exclusive of the normal park entrance fee. Also, the number of participants is limited compared to those in-game driving. Those interested in lion tracking are therefore are advised to book in advance to secure the chance. The major reason for limited participants is to create enough space for accurate research and data collection which can be disrupted by crowds.

Best time for lion Tracking

Lion tracking is done two times a day in the morning and evening hours. This is to catch up with the predators hunting and feasting before they retire for their day and night rests.

Difference between lion tracking and tree climbing lions

Much as most people mistake it for tree climbing lions., the experience is totally different. Lions in kasenyi do not climb in trees but hide and rest in open savannahs. If you want to see climbing lions, join a game drive to Ishasha sector south of Queen Elizabeth National park and witness lions that live permanently in the trees. Tree climbing lions only go down to hunt and climb again. Ishasha is located in the southern part of Queen Elizabeth national park on your way to Buhoma sector of Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National park.

In general, lion tracking is a once in a lifetime experience worth doing. Engagi Safaris offer you memorable lion tracking experience to kasenyi plains in Queen Elizabeth National park at affordable rates.

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