Kibale Forest National Park

If it is primates that you wish to explore while on safari in Uganda and you do not know which park to visit then it is a high time you realized your dreams. Kibale Forest National Park is that one most exceptional park that boasts of its diverse primate species. The 795 square kilometer park lies suitably in western Uganda, established in 1993 mainly to offer refuge to distinct wildlife species. Over 13 distinct primate species call this park a home and they include among others more than 1500 chimpanzees, olive baboons, grey cheeked mangabeys, L’Hoest monkeys, blue monkeys, red tailed monkeys, black and white colobus monkeys and others. There are also buffaloes, forest elephants, bush pigs as well as bird species including the African green breasted pitta, bee-eaters, black eared ground thrush, little greenbul, yellow romped tinker bird, red faced woodland warbler and others. This park is mainly covered by tropical rainforest, patches of grassland, swamps and others. This park is endowed with diverse ecosystem and it as well features about 14 snake species, 27 frog species, 20 reptiles, 200 butterfly species among others.
What to do while on safari in Kibale Forest National Park
Chimpanzee tracking
With over 1500 chimpanzees that thrive here, Kibale National Park is remarkably one of Uganda’s ideal destinations for chimpanzee trekking. This park is an incredible tourist spot for you to catch a glimpse at many chimpanzees and amazingly, most of them have also been habituated are readily available for visitors to track each day. Treks kick start at Kanyanchu visitor center. This experience starts with briefing on dos and don’ts for chimpanzee tracking and after, you are grouped in groups of six visitors and you will be assigned a park guide who takes you through the jungle to search for these creatures in the wild. While in the jungles searching for these fascinating creatures, you will also come across other primate species such as the black and white colobus monkeys, red tailed monkeys, grey cheeked mangabeys, L’Hoest monkeys, olive baboons, vervet monkeys, birds a mention but a few.

Chimpanzee Habituation Experience
Perhaps you wish to spend more time with chimpanzees and you do not know how best you can do so. If so, then chimpanzee habituation experience also popular as CHEX is the best option for you. This adventure takes you the whole day while following chimpanzees in the wild with trackers, researchers. The experience is so rewarding as you also come across other beautiful creatures that thrive within this park including birds, butterflies, primates and tree species.

Hiking/nature walks.
The best way to explore the hidden treasures in this park is by embarking on nature walks and hikes. Nature walks take you through different habitats in this park especially forest, grassland and other sites which reward you with amazing encounters of varied primate species, bird species, tree species and plants among others.

Bird watching
Kibale Forest National Park is remarkably one of the best birding sites in Uganda that rewards travel endeavors with amazing sights at varied bird species. On your bird watching tour at this park, you have a chance to spot out several birds including white winged warbler, white collared Olive back, papyrus canary, papyrus Gonolek, western green ticker bird, African grey parrot and endemic ground thrush, black bee-eater, yellow spotted nicator, yellow romped tinker bird, Abyssinian ground thrush, crowned eagle, brown chested alethe, purple breasted sunbird, red faced woodland warbler, black capped apalis, blue headed sunbird a mention but a few. Other activities for you to take part in Kibale Forest National Park include cultural encounters, children activities, nature walks,

Where to stay in Kibale Forest National Park
Kibale Forest National Park features wide range of accommodation options right from budget to Luxury. They include Kibale forest camp, primate lodge, Kyaninga lodge, Ndali lodge, Kibale Guest Cottages, Chimps Nest, Kibale Safari Lodge and others.

Best time to visit Kibale National Park
Kibale National Park is all year round destination. However, it is important that you take note of which season you wish to pay a visit because this park experiences 2 seasons. The dry and wet season are two important seasons you need to put into consideration if you are planning to spend your holiday in this park. The dry season starts is usually the most preferable and it starts from June to September and December to February. The wet season on the other hand kick starts from March to May and from October to November. The rainy or wet season is usually characterized by heavy rainfall but incredible for bird watching.

Getting to Kibale Forest National Park
This park is reachable both by road and air. By road, you can set off from Kampala via Mubende-Fort Portal route and you will spend about 5 hours driving. You can as well set off via Kampala-Mbarara-Kamwenge. By air, take a flight from Entebbe airport or Kajjansi and land into Nyakisharara airstrip in Mbarara or Kasese airstrip and connect to the park by road.
In conclusion, Kibale Forest National Park is a stunning tropical rainforest with variety of primate species for you to explore while on Uganda safari. It is a popular site for chimpanzee tracking.