Bwindi Forest National park

Uganda Increases Gorilla Permit Cost to $700

On 7th August 2019, the Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) informed the tourism Stake holder’s about the changes in its conservation tariff. The authority has also gone ahead to introduce new products, new rates for some products, new fines as well as clarification on some UWA products and services

Among the changes, is the increment in the price for the permit to track the mountain gorillas in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and Mgahinga National Park for both foreign residents (FR) and Foreign nonresidents (FNR) going forward (effective 1st July 2019) all foreign non-residents and foreign residents intending to track the mountain gorillas in Uganda will pay a fee of US$700 and US$600 per person respectively for the gorilla permit, up from US$600 which has been charged for the last 4 years.price for Uganda gorilla permit

The East African Citizens rate will not change from the current 250,000 Uganda Shillings (UGX) and there was no mention of any changes in the US$1500 charged for the mountain gorilla habituation.

Despite the US$100 hike in the price for the gorilla permit, Uganda still offers a much more affordable gorilla trekking safaris compared to its close competitor who increased from $750 in 2017 to $1500 to track the same gorilla species (the fee is also charged to their own citizens); which is US$800 more expensive than Uganda.

The increase in Gorilla permit will enable the Authority to collect enough funds which will be used in the efforts to conserve these endangered species of great apes as well as the aggregate contribution to the local community in UWA’s revenue-sharing scheme.

The change in fees has also affected the commercial filming fees for Uganda’s protected areas have been unbelievably reduced.

Before, a crew of 1 to 5 people had to pay US$630 for FNR & FR per day, UGX 630,000 for East African Citizens (EAC), in addition to other activity fees. Film teams of more than 5 people were charged US$150 for FNR & FR and UGX 150,000 for EAC, per extra person per day. It was even more expensive for someone intending to film special interest products like the mountain gorilla experience. You had to pay US$4,200 per hour for FR & FNR while with the gorillas, UGX 4,200,000 for EAC, in addition to the Gorilla permit fee of $600 per person. Filming a commercial piece on the chimps was previously priced at US$1,050 per day for FNR & FR, UGX 1,050,000 for EAC excluding the chimpanzee permits.

As per the new changes, UWA will only require that crew members pay 40% of the activity fee, which is less than forty percent of what they have been charging. The discount in film fees is a move to boost destination promotion by highlighting the country’s stunning national parks and reserves through film.

The fee for the Uganda chimpanzee trekking permit and the Chimpanzee Habituation Experience (CHEX) have also been revised to add an extra US$50 for all categories, for both the Foreign residents and foreign nonresidents.

UWA will charge US$200 for FNR and US$150 for FR to track the Chimpanzees in Uganda; US$250 and US$250 for the Chimpanzee Habituation Experience for FNR and FR respectively. East African Citizens will be charged UGX150,000 for both experiences.

Rwenzori Mountains trekking on UWA managed trails FNR and FR will pay $50 and EAC 50000shs which were initially free of charge. Small Boat trips in Lake Mburo National Park fees will be $30 for FNR and FR, EAC 30,000shs. Kidepo Valley National park newly opened Lonyili Summit Trail will be charged $50 for FNR, $40 for FR and 50,000shs for EAC. There will be no charges for accessing Sempaya hot springs, only park entrance fees will be required.